our vision

Innovation is a key variable to propel further continuing education and training in its development. It is a process of continuous renewal that exploration of new possibilities and operation of detailed ideas propel each other in a constant interaction without always predictable outcome. This requires a specific attitude of professionals. The professional does not only seek permanent renewal of his knowledge (lifelong learning) but also acquires skills to achieve results in his own work situation with an attitude of curiosity, reflection, learning and exploring. 


We not only focus on the role of the teacher, but take also in regard the role of the student. The student is the starting point: what his/her direction of learning is to take and how this can be done optimally. The student is the center point of the change. As Fullan says: the student is a change agent. Students are the most influencing part of the transition to an education system as we see it.

our Mission

We facilitate our consortium members to co-create through exploratory research and then implement through new business models to ensure (future) professionals are better trained and more empowered to deliver next generation teaching and learning.

The strength of Innovative Learning is multidisciplinary and the knowledge applied in daily practice of education i.e. research and education projects (which are cross-sectorial set up), initiated from Innovative Learning and conducted in interdisciplinary teams.


Our focus is on knowledge circulation and collaboration based on the use of knowledge developed elsewhere. There will be a strong focus on the mobilization and application of (existing) ideas and techniques that can be found in other Learning Institutions and private companies in different countries.