Africa mission 2020 - Kakuma


At the request of UNHCR and in collaboration with Vodafone Foundation, HU started a pilot program (this year) to address the critical shortage of secondary school teachers at Kakuma Refugee Camp (Kenya) and nearby regions where only 2% of eligible children have access to secondary schools.


Our aim is to significantly increase the pool of available quality teachers for secondary schools within the region. As part of this effort, it also includes providing them access to quality secondary school course materials online and other digital support. 


We have two critical parameters associated within this program:

  • Scalability:  Ensure that sufficient refugee teachers are trained to make a positive difference within the region.
  • Sustainability:  Ensure that we have established a strong network of local partners that can continue with the pilot program in Kakuma plus other regions as the shortage of secondary school teachers is dramatic in most of East Africa    


Recap - Kakuma Program Goals:

1.     Improve quality of teachers delivering secondary education at pilot sites.

2.     Increase the number of teachers available for teaching in secondary schools or at selected pilot sites.


Given the severity of the challenge, we set an initial target of training up to 300 Secondary school teachers in 2017 possibly another 500 the following year.  To address this demand, HU is committed to sending 1 on-site mission every 8 weeks for the next two years.  Nevertheless, this means we will need to find a number of donor partners to support this initiative as it would be outside our capability to undertake such commitments on our own.


The other aspect we need to take into consideration is that the cost for training each Teacher goes down as the number of teachers trained goes-up hence we did need your guidance as to the potential scope for this i.e. Although We have set a target of training 300 Teachers in 2017 and another 500 in 2018, HU can scale-up and do considerably more if needed.