22. March 2018
26th February was indeed an inspiring day: being present at ground-breaking ceremony for launch of ‘Education Hub’ in Kakuma! This ‘Education Hub’ (jointly launched by UNHCR and Government of Turkana County – Kenya) brings together leading education institutions involved in delivering education in emergencies within Turkana region. ICEFIL/HU are honored to be part of this Steering Committee for the ‘Education Hub’ as we believe… ‘inspirational education’ can only be realized...
08. February 2018
The lack of high-speed internet connectivity has severely challenged our program delivery and it is only through the continued dedication and ingenuity of our teaching team that we still managed to impact some 120 refugee students within our teacher training program in 2017.
19. October 2017
Dear Colleagues, Friends, Strange as it may sound, the one thing I constantly hear from International Donor’s today…is their growing uneasiness that many education programs for refugees place too much emphasis on delivering quality education at the expense of their future employability. They believe time has come to view refugee education as a long-term sustainability challenge whereby refugee students benefitted from both quality of education as well as enhancing their future career...
21. July 2017
The role of teachers and teaching are evolving rapidly in the 21st century and the main focus of our ICEFIL Organization is to help make sense of this to our teaching community.